Monday, January 1, 2018

Earn Extra Money with the GoRead Buzz Program

I’ve been contributing on GoRead since late September of 2017. I’ve earned an average of $500 per month without selling anything. That’s right; these earnings came entirely from my engagement and activity on the platform, without selling a book, recommending a product, or promoting anything. Just writing and engaging.

I like to stress this point because that’s what makes the GoRead Buzz Program so easy to use for people from different backgrounds. You don't have to sell anything, just contribute content.


I describe GoRead as a mix between Facebook, Goodreads and Amazon. It’s a website where authors, book-lovers, content creators can network, share content, comment and review books and topics, and buy books.

You can join GoRead as a reader, which is completely free and allows you to engage on the platform and take advantage of their Litcoin program where you can earn virtual currency to buy books.

Litcoins are earned by engaging in the site: adding books to your virtual library, becoming a Fan of your favorite author, sharing posts from GoRead on your social media channels, and more.

How to Earn Extra Money from Home with the GoRead Buzz Program


If you want to take full advantage of the platform and use it as a tool to generate income, you must sign up for the GoRead Buzz Program.There are a wealth of benefits from joining, but some of the biggest ones are:

The ability to earn hundreds of dollars every month through their Global Revenue Share Pool Program;

The power to build your brand by publishing and sharing content with an engaged audience. It's particularly valuable for authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and business owners

The opportunity to sell more books (directly though GoRead), and drive more traffic to your website.


Every month, you must complete a series of activities. These will will drive your Revenue Shares and build your presence on the platform. While these have changed a bit over time, the current requirements (as of April 2018) are as follows:

Write a minimum of one article per month, published to your article page. This should be around 300-800 words and can be content you’ve already posted somewhere else (on your blog, for example). Your article should align with your niche. For me, it’s books and writing about reading. But if you don’t have a brand, you can choose your own (movies, food, sports, fiance, etc).

Promote your articles on GoRead and other social media websites through a minimum of 5 shares per month. This can be you sharing one of your articles 5 times on GoRead, sharing 5 of your articles once each on a different social media platform, or any combination.

Create at least 10 posts a month on your Author page. A post can be written, an article, a picture, or a video link. Posts must be related to your personal interest or professional expertise.

Share posts, articles, or content from either your GoRead page or any other post on GoRead to other social media at least 6 times per month.

Spend at least $20 per month on Pay-Per-Click Advertising. I use this to drive traffic to my books and my website.
Buy at least 1 book per month from GoRead (not using LitCoins).

Have an active GoRead Buzz Plus Subscription. This is currently $39.97USD. Once you sign up, GoRead will charge your credit card automatically on a monthly basis.

You must complete requirements 1-7 in order to earn your first share and “unlock” the ability to earn subsequent shares. Note that your required spend each month will be around $70-90USD depending on how expensive the book you choose is, and where you’re shipping the book to ($40 membership + $20 advertising + book + shipping). That being said, I’ve made a profit every single month since joining the program. My smallest monthly earnings was $460.32


Right now, GoRead has a promotion called the “Doubler” – if you complete steps 1-4 twice (e.g. publish a second article, promote your article an additional 5 times), you will activate the Doubler and receive an additional 2 shares.

Based on the above, your base earnings will be either 1 share (no Doubler) or 3 shares (with Doubler).
Additional activity will earn you even more shares. These activities are all optional though I recommend them to take full advantage of the platform

Gaining new Fans on your Author page: Every increment of 10 new Fans will give you one additional Revenue Share

Driving referrals to GoRead: Every 3 people you refer (who sign up for the Buzz Program) will give you one additional Revenue Share

Getting your articles shared: Every 20 shares your content receives will give you one additional Revenue Share

Recently, I’ve been earning around 13 to 15 Revenue Shares per month, with the Share Price normally ending at around $25-$30. GoRead also does a weekly round up of the top 5 articles of the week. If they feature your article, you receive a $25 bonus commission. I’ve earned this several times, increasing my earnings.

In summary, I've found the GoRead program fun and easy to use. I've earned over $1600 in just three months, and I've also noticed an increase in my book sales. If you enjoy writing and/or are a content creator and/or entrepreneur yourself, GoRead is a phenomenal way to build your brand while earning additional income.

If you have any questions about the program, fan me on GoRead and I’ll do my best to answer.

I'll see you on GoRead!


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