Friday, September 11, 2015

Ten Points for Gryfinndor!!

From My Shelf Books & Gifts has a new rewards program, and it's available to everyone! We keep track of it for you. There's no need to have another card to keep track of in your wallet.

This weekend, September 11th, 12th, and 13th you can sign up as a member and get double points for joining or re-newing your membership. You don't have to be a member to enjoy the new rewards program, and if you sign up, you can get a $10 gift certificate a week before your birthday.

From My Shelf Books & Gifts racks up the reward points for you, and now our rewards program is even better. Every dollar spent counts. $1= 1 point. Points = discounts, special offers, and FREE books & games.

Buy a tin of mints, a package of Magic cards, or even a book off the discount table and earn points! Only shop with us on occasion? These points don't expire. Don't live in Wellsboro? The points apply to phone or Internet orders as well. From My Shelf Books can be your long distance, local bookstore.

Come in a find out about our great, new rewards program. You can save and earn discounts off even if you aren't a member. Members still receive big discounts off books, games, and gifts, and can trade in books for store credit, but the new reward program is FREE to all.

If you are a member, we can enroll you with your permission. Just let us know. It only takes a minute to enroll you. The data is only for From My Shelf and we don't share or sell your information. Not a member? Ask how you can save even more on books and gifts, and turn used books into new books, games and gifts.

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