Friday, March 18, 2016

I own a bookstore, and I wrote a book, but it's not available as an ebook. Amazon is not my friend, and it's not yours.

I published my book, The Totally Ninja Raccoons Meet Bigfoot, through IngramSpark and only made it available as a real book. Your customers won't find it in an electronic version.

Why did I do this? Because I believe in bookstores staffed by lovers of books. I'd rather have real people selling my book to people they feel are the best match for my book.

The Totally Ninja Raccoons Meet Bigfoot is your classic trio with a twist. Think the Three Investigators meet the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles with a little Ghostbusters in the mix.

Our furry protagonists discover they are not meant to be ordinary bandits, but rather carry the potential to be something extraordinary, ninjas.

In this origin story, the Ninja Raccoons begin their ninja training, and meet their first potential employer--Gypsy the cat. Gypsy sends the Raccoons on their first mission, to capture the elusive Bigfoot.

The Totally Ninja Raccoons Meet Bigfoot is a book I feel confident and comfortable suggesting to 2nd or 3rd graders who love animals, cryptids, and adventure.

The book is available through Ingram for just 5.99 at standard industry discount. It's around 4,000 words. It's been professionally written, illustrated, edited, and approved by professionals in the field of children education.

In the follow-up, The Totally Ninja Raccoons Meet the Weird & Wacky Werewolf, the Ninja Raccoons continue their training, and meet a creature of legend, a werewolf.

The Ninja Raccoons decide to track and capture the werewolf for the prize offered for capturing such a creature. The Raccoons learn that the werewolf isn't as terrifying as the myths, and friends are more important than money.

Thank you for your taking the time to read about The Totally Ninja Raccoons. I hope to start a new trend. Together, we can continue to keep bookstores vibrant and beating in the heart of their communities.

Kevin J. Coolidge
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The Totally Ninja Raccoons Meet Bigfoot available now! ISBN 9780692592557

The Totally Ninja Raccoons Meet the Weird and Wacky Werewolf available now! ISBN 9780692647707

The Totally Ninja Raccoons and the Secret of the Canyon available May 10 2016

The Totally Ninja Raccoons Meet the Thunderbird available August 2016

The Totally Ninja Raccoons and the Catmas Caper available now

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