Friday, December 16, 2016

One year ago today, the first book in the Totally Ninja Raccoon series was released.

One Year ago, the very first Totally Ninja Raccoon book released, The Totally Ninja Raccoons Meet Bigfoot. One month ago, I released a super-special Christmas edition and the fifth in the series, The Totally Ninja Raccoons and the Catmas Caper.

These children's books are set right here in Wellsboro Pennsylvania and surrounding Tioga County, and children and adults are loving the series. I originally came up with the concept, because I joked that cats wanted to take over the world, but were too lazy to do the work themselves, and would hire raccoons to do all the work, and thus the Totally Ninja Raccoons were born.

The series is geared towards children from second to fourth grade, though some children who are younger love them if they are read to them. My nieces are in kindergarten and love them. I have some who are older who enjoy them because they can go to, or have been to the places in the books, and I even have several adults who collect them.

I have several more planned, and have already started on the follow-up to the Catmas Caper, It's The Totally Ninja Raccoon and the Secret of Nessmuk Lake. It should be release in late winter or early spring.

Look for other forthcoming titles involving The Jersey Devil and Little Green Men from Outer Space, and perhaps a new nemesis for the raccoons...the Samurai Possums.

I'm loving writing the series and having children and adults letting me know they are looking forward to future titles. It's a blast...totally.

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