Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Win a Bookstore!!

After many years of running a successful bookstore in Wellsboro, a local couple is ready to move on to new pursuits. But they're not selling their bookstore using traditional methods. They're offering one person the chance to win a bookstore for $75.

Kevin and Kasey Coolidge started From My Shelf Books & Gifts in their hometown in 2006. It was their dream to give Wellsboro a bookstore with both new and used books.

"It's been a fun, learning experience," said Kevin. "Now, I'm writing on a regular basis and have started doing author visits to schools. My children's series, "The Totally Ninja Raccoons" is taking off and we have agreed that it is time for the next phase of our life," he added.

The contest is simple. Contestants pay a $75 entry fee and write a 250-word essay on why a bookstore is important to a community.

"We need 4,000 entries in our contest to cover inventory, shelves, signage and six months of paid rent to the winner," Kevin said.

Entries must be postmarked by March 31, 2018. "We do hold the right to extend the deadline for 60 days depending on the number of entries received by then," he noted.

"What booklover wouldn't want their own bookstore?" said Kevin. "If it has always been your dream, this is your chance."

If 4,000 people enter the contest, Kevin and Kasey will select the top 20. Then a panel of impartial judges will choose a winner. “For $75 and an essay, you could win your own bookstore,” Kevin said.

If 4,00 entries are not received, all entry fees will be returned, and the couple will continue to run the bookstore.

For the list of rules and an entry form, just check out From My Shelf Books & Gifts website at www.wellsborobookstore.com or the store's Facebook.

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