Saturday, December 23, 2017

Skye's Big Adventure

It was a cold winter day. Skye drew a smiley face on the frost coating the window. She drew two triangles for ears, and added lines for whiskers. Now it looked just like a kitty. Skye loved cats. When she grew up to be president, she'd make sure all the kitties and puppies had nice warm homes.

Skye smiled. Big, puffy flakes of snow were falling from the sky. Maybe Daddy would help her build a snowman when he got home, and then they could come inside and drink hot cocoa to get warm, and maybe have hot dogs for supper. Sky loved hot dogs.

Mommy called from the kitchen, "Skye, would you like to go outside, and help me build a snowman?"

"Mommy, can we make snow cat with a big, fluffy tail, and a pink nose?" asked Skye.

"Whatever will we make the snow cat's nose from?" asked Mommy.

"We can use the kitty's pink mouse toy. It's for a kitty to play with, and it'd make a nice soft nose for the snow cat," said Skye.
"Get your coat on, and your boots, and we'll build a snow cat and surprise your daddy when he comes home," said Mommy.

Skye rushed to get her winter jacket and her boots. Mommy helped her with her boots. She could do it by herself. She was a big girl now, but she had to pull really hard to get the left one on, and a little extra pull was helpful.

"Don't forget your hat, Skye. It's cold out," said Mommy.

"Can the snow cat have a hat? I don't want the snow cat to be cold," said Skye.

"We'll see, Skye. Let's build the snow cat, and make his fluffy tail, and little kitty ears, and put on his pink nose, before we worry about the hat. Put your hat on, and your gloves. We don't want your ears to freeze and fall off," said Mommy.

"Don't be silly, Mommy. If my ears fell off, I couldn't hear you, or the car when Daddy comes home," laughed Skye.

Mommy and Skye went out in the bright winter day. They grabbed handfuls of cold snow and packed them into little balls. They put the balls together into a pile, and slowly built a white snow cat with a fluffy tail, and triangle ears. Sky put the pink fluffy mouse in the middle of the snow cat's face right where a nose is suppose to go.

"The snow cat has a nose, but he doesn't have whiskers to twitch," said Skye.

"We could use some drinking straws to make whiskers, and when the wind blows, his whiskers would twitch, just like a real kitty," said Skye.

"That's a great idea," said Mommy. "You're such a smart, creative girl for thinking of that."

Skye and Mommy put whiskers on the snow cat, and Mommy used two blue marbles for eyes. "I usually used rocks when I was growing up," said Mommy, "but those were just snowmen, and not snow kitties. A snow kitty should have something special."

The winter sky had begun to darken, and an icy wind ruffled the hair that had escaped her hat. "Will Daddy be home soon?" asked Skye.
"He should be home any minute," said Mommy.

Just then, the headlights of Daddy's car came up the driveway, and Skye jumped for joy, "I can't wait to show Daddy the snowcat we built."

Daddy got out of his car, and Skye ran and threw her arms around him. "Daddy, come see the snowcat Mommy and I built!" yelled Skye.
"My big girl Skye, building snow cats. I only built snowman when I was your age," said Daddy. "That's a great snowcat, but won't his ears get cold and fall off?" asked Daddy as he pulled Skye's hat down over her ears.

"Oh no! We can't have snow cat's ears fall off," said Skye.

"I know what to do," said Daddy. Daddy pulled the hat off his head and put it on the snowcat's head, "Now snowcat's ears won't get cold and fall off, but mine might. Let's go inside and have some hot cocoa."

Skye gave a big jump and started running to the house. Mommy and Daddy came too, and they all went inside to get warm and have hot cocoa...

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