Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Local author "Ghost Write" a Valentine's Day Poem

Local author "Ghost Writes" a Valentine's Day poem or customized greeting for your significant other.

Writing to the beloved is never easy, so why settle for some "Hallmark" greeting card to say the things you long to say to her or him. This Valentine's Day get the right words on paper with the help of a published poet and author.

Declan Synott is available now for crafting the Valentine's Day greeting that she will treasure for a lifetime. In the tradition of Cyrano DeBergerac, there is no shame in getting a little help in the romance department.

The process is easy and fun:

Fill out a simple two page survey that helps describe your significant other, Synot will contact you to determine what additional content or intent you have for the poem or greeting.

Then he will deftly write the best poem for the occasion--filled with the love and gratitude you hold for her or him.

For only $10 per poem or greeting, you will be a partner in a process that evolves into a carefully crafted message of love and romance. We provide Valentine themed stationary and an email version to back up the hard copy.

Orders are being taken now at From My Shelf Books & Gifts, 7 East Avenue, Wellsboro. Stop by today. She will thanks you in so many ways when she reads her customized verse.

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