Friday, November 20, 2015

More Doctor Who and Philosophy

"More Doctor Who and Philosophy" is a completely new collection of chapters, additional to "Doctor Who and Philosophy" (2010), by the same editors. Since that first "Doctor Who and Philosophy," much has happened in the Whoniverse: a new and controversial regeneration of the Doctor, multiple new companions, a few creepy new enemies of both the Doctor and planet Earth.

New questions have been raised and new questioners have come along, so there are plenty of new topics for philosophical scrutiny. Is the impossible girl really impossible? Is there anything wrong with an inter-species lesbian relationship (the kids weren t quite ready for that in 1963, but no one blinks an eye in 2015)? Can it really be right for the Doctor to lie and to selectively forget? We even have two authors who have figured out how to build a TARDIS instructions included

An added feature of this awesome new volume is that the editors have reached out to insiders of "Who" fandom, people who run hugely successful "Who" conventions, play in "Who"-inspired bands, and run wildly popular podcasts and websites, to share their privileged insights into why the Doctor is so philosophically deep.

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