Saturday, February 13, 2016

From My Shelf's "I LOVE BOOKS" Reading Challenge

Between this Valentine's Day and Valentine's Day 2017, we challenge YOU to find some new books you'll love. In searching to meet these challenges, you may be surprised at books that you would not normally have chosen... they may come to be some of your favorites. You may be surprised at different authors or genres that will touch your heart, or get it racing.

Here's our first "I Love Books" yearly challenge:

*A book recommended by your mom/ a female family member

*A book recommended by your dad/ a male family member

*A book that was written at least 50 years before YOU were born

*A book set in a country (real-life) you’ve always wanted to visit

*A book where the characters can use magic

*A book you heard about via news media (newspaper, magazine, radio, TV)

*A book you heard about via social media (facebook, tumblr, Pinterest, youtube, twitter, someone’s blog, etc.)

*A “classic” book written in the 19th century (ie. 1800-1899)

*A book that tells a story ONLY in pictures: no words!

*A book that focuses on the fine arts (ie. music, theater, dance, art, etc.)

*A Hugo or Nebula Award winning book

*A fiction book written by an author who is still alive

*A book by a female author

*A book with non-human characters

*A book of short stories

*A memoir (autobiography)

*A book written by an author who was under 30 when s/he wrote it

*a YA (young adult) book that has been a bestseller in the last 10 years

*a murder mystery

*A National Book Award winner

*any book chosen for World Book Night in the U.S.

*a book of poetry

*a book from our “staff pick” shelves or website picks

*a book written by a local/regional author

*a book based on mythology or a fairy tale

*a book, fiction or factual, dealing with spiritual beliefs and practices different from your own

*an animal story

*a book you can share with a child in your life

Let us know about books you pick!

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