Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Winter of Our Despair

It was the best of winters; it was the worst of winters. Who am I kidding? It's the winter of our discontent. Winter sucks, and February is the longest short month of the year, and this year it even has an extra day in it. Notice how the presidential election years are always in leap year? That's so they can fit in all the extra BS.

It's the winter of our despair here at From My Shelf Books & Gifts and we are throwing a party. We'll be hosting horror author Patrick Thomas. Everyone knows winter is hell, and several of the author's books take place there.

It will be a hell of a good time. Also get great advice from dark, elder god, Cthulhu. Don't know who he is? Don't wait any longer, come by and find out. Don't worry if you can't pronounce Cthulhu. It wasn't meant to be pronounced by human lips.

We'll also be serving our own special brand of Hellfire chili. All profits go the Second Chance Animal Sanctuary. You must sign a waiver before consuming this spicy western style chili that will kick you in the butt today and tomorrow. Remember, it's for the puppies and kitties, so buy a ticket. It's only 5 bucks.

Wellsboro is also holding it's second Winter Fest to hold the darkness at bay. There won't be any sacrificing of virgins, but there will be ice sculptures and more chili tasting at other places if you like that bland tomato soup with beans some people call chili.

This is all taking place February 20th. So, get out of the house and come to From My Shelf Books meet an author, shake your fist at the heavens, and get some fresh air before the Apocalypse comes to you...

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