Thursday, May 19, 2016

How to order from Wellsboro's Only Bookstore

Hello, you don't have to be in Wellsboro to support Wellsboro's only bookstore. We have a website. If you like our website, you'll love our store. The website works well enough for us, for new books, but we also list our used books at (via ebay) and some specialty books through and through ebay. If there's anything you'd like to order with us, new or used, or see if we can get for you, we are as close as our contact info:

Of course, on our website

Phone: 570-724-5793

on facebook almost all the time, amongst the staff: look us up at "From My Shelf Books" on facebook

Or, use this email!

We promise to get back to you super-quick, to answer any questions, or place any orders for you.

Although it does not currently reflect this on our website, any orders over $30 will get you free shipping. If you credit card has been authorized for a larger amount for shipping, we will simply re-adjust the shipping fees before actually charging your credit card through the website.

We hope you can come visit us in Wellsboro soon, but in the meantime, thanks for checking us out.

Thanks, again!!

Kasey, Kevin,
Huck & Finn, bookstore cats
and all the staff at From My Shelf

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