Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Who would like to join my Viking crew and help pilfer this genuine Viking longboat?

If you'd like to join my crew, this novella is for you. I've written a novella about a a group of middle-aged D&D players who are going through a mid-life crisis, and decide to steal a genuine Viking longship from a museum. It's The Night of the Museum meets the Vikings with a touch of Stand by Me vibe. If you enjoy Dungeon & Dragons, Norse Mythology and geek culture, this book is for you.

The problem with a novella is that it's too long for a short story and too short for a novel. It's about 22,500 words, a little longer than The Old Man and the Sea by Hemmingway. An agent told me he loved it, but to put it in a drawer and write a novel. Maybe I could sell it once I've published a few novels. Well, I can't count on that. So, I started a Kickstarter campaign.

For every ten dollars you contribute to the campaign, you will receive an autographed copy of Operation Ragnarok. The ten dollars includes shipping anywhere in the United States. International shipping is expensive, but if I reach my goal, the book will be available in Canada, Australia, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. You can order it from a local bookstore or online retailer.

The book is written. I just need to purchase an ISBN and bar code, get the book formatted, and pay Ingram Spark, the company I am using to publish. Essentially, I'm using the Kickstarter to gauge interest and to take pre-orders. If you love this book, I am planning on it being a series.

Just click on the Viking longship to be taken to the Kickstarter campaign

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