Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kickstarter for "The Totally Ninja Raccoons & The Catmas Caper"

The Totally Ninja Raccoons & The Catmas Caper is finished. Now, it just has to be illustrated, formatted, and all the little things it takes to make it into an actual book.

This is the super, special Christmas edition. The infamous Cat Board is once again plotting against the Totally Ninja Raccoons and want to eliminate Christmas! Will The Totally Ninja Raccoons be able to stop the Cat Board and save Christmas?

I'm starting this Kickstarter to make sure I can get the book released in November in time for Christmas. By pledging to the Kickstarter, you assure yourself an edition of the latest Totally Ninja Raccoon adventure.

Every ten dollars will get you one copy of The Totally Ninja Raccoons and the Catmas Caper mailed to you first class anywhere in the United States. The Totally Ninja Raccoon series is available worldwide, but shipping is too expensive to offer this Kickstarter worldwide.

You can order the series from your local bookstore in the United Kingdom, European Union, Canada and Australia, and even parts of Asia, and of course the United States.

Everyone loves raccoons. They're playful, and mischievous. Sure, they might tips over your garbage cans, but maybe it was the dog next door, or those pesky stray cats. You don't know.

Some might call these cute creatures are bandits or thieves, but with their masks, I always thought they were more like little ninjas, and thus The Totally Ninja Raccoons were born.

The Totally Ninja Raccoons are your basic heroes for hire. They work cheap, sometimes for a little Chinese takeout or a stale doughnut.

It's your classic trio with a twist. Think the Three Investigators meet the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles with a little Ghost Busters in the mix.

What started as an idea to score free food soon ends up giving the raccoons a glimpse into another world, a world of shadows, mysteries, and plots.

There are things in heaven and earth than the raccoons ever dreamed. Cats are trying to take over the world. Monsters are real, and Chinese food really will make you hungry soon after you eat it. It's up to The Totally Ninja Raccoons to stop it.

The Totally Ninja Raccoons Are:

Rascal: He's the shortest brother and loves doughnuts. He's great with his paws and makes really cool gadgets. He's a little goofy and loves both his brothers, even when they pick on him, but maybe not right then.

Bandit: He's the oldest brother. He's tall and lean. He's super smart and loves to read. He leads the Totally Ninja Raccoons, but he couldn't do it by himself.

Kevin: He may be the middle brother, but he refuses to be stuck in the middle. He has the moves and the street smarts that the Totally Ninja Raccoons are going to need, even if it does sometimes gets them into trouble as well as out of trouble.

Totally Ninja Raccoons & The Catmas Caper is the fifth book in the series, and the other books are available now. You can order them at From My Shelf Books & Gifts. Great for the reluctant reader from second to fourth grade.

Just Click On The Totally Ninja Raccoons to be taken to the Kickstarter!

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