Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kids Love These Books!!

The judges of the Story Monsters Approved program, which recognizes accomplished authors in the field of children’s literature have spoken, and The Totally Ninja Raccoons Meet Bigfoot by Kevin Coolidge of Wellsboro Pennsylvania has earned approval.

The colorful, kid-friendly Story Monsters Approved seal attracts the attention of young readers much more than a sticker intended for adult scrutiny. Kids know when they see the Story Monsters Approved patch it means children their own age enjoyed the book and are recommending they read it, too.

How do they know that? Because after books pass the first round of rigorous judging – which is done by industry experts, the books are then judged by a panel of youth judges who must also endorse the books before they can receive the official seal of approval.

“Who better to judge children’s books than the children who read them?” explains Linda F. Radke, president of Story Monsters LLC., the same company that sponsors the Dragonfly Book Awards program. “Judging these books gives children a wonderful sense of importance and responsibility

In The Totally Ninja Raccoons meet Bigfoot, our protagonists discover they are not meant to be ordinary bandits, but rather carry the potential to be something extraordinary, ninjas.

In this origin story, the Ninja Raccoons begin their ninja training, and meet their first potential employer--Gypsy the Cat. Gypsy sends the Raccoons on their first mission, to capture the elusive Bigfoot.

Things aren't what they seem to be. Bigfoot isn't the monstrous beast, as he's been portrayed. Gypsy isn't the benign employer. Cats want to take over the world.

The Totally Ninja Raccoons is a new children's series for 2nd to 4th grade, sepcifically geared towards reluctant readers. The series is set right here in Tioga County and Wellsboro and there are five books out with more to come!

In the first book, The Totally Ninja Raccoons Meet Bigfoot, our heroes discover they are not meant to be ordinary bandits, but rather carry the potenital to be something extraordinary, ninjas!

Kevin Coolidge is the co-owner of From My Shelf Books in Wellsboro and you can visit the author, see art displayed from the books, and get your book personalized.

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