Tuesday, January 3, 2017

We Are Now Taking Trade-Ins

Hi, bookstore friends! Now that we are in the New Year, and we are accepting trade-ins again, PLEASE PLEASE pay attention to the following guidelines/requests/facts about what we can and cannot accept:

*You MUST be a member in good standing in order to trade books in. Participating in the 5-Star Rewards program is not the same thing as the membership program. Members pay $25 for 12 months, and get 20-30% off new items ALL the time; they also are allowed to trade books in for credit.

*We're only accepting 5 books at a time for trade-ins. If you bring more than 5, we'll take the 5 we like the best.

*There's no guarantee that we can take your books for trade, even if you are a member: it all depends on the condition of the books, and on current demand for those titles/authors.

*We cannot take items with split spines/bindings, extensive highlighting, or many older hardcovers. Also "old" does not always mean "valuable". We don't take magazines, encyclopedias, or Readers' Condensed volumes.

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