Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Big Thank You to Jeff Stayton

This weekend was our first big author event at our new location. We hosted a regular favorite of ours, William P. Robertson, and we had new author Jeff Stayton. It's always a delight to have authors, but it was a lot of fun to host these two. Both are very knowledgeable about the American Civil War, and more than willing to talk about that information as well as talk about the writing experience.

Jeff Stayton also holds the distinction of being the author who has traveled the farthest for a book event at our store. We've hosted some New York Time Bestselling authors, but they were within an hour or two driving distance. Jeff traveled all the way from Missouri to attend our event. We're a pretty rural bookstore, and not the largest. It was an honor.

We have his book in stock, signed from his visit. They are first editions and this is one I think you ought to get a hold of now, especially if you are a collecter. So, if you missed him, you can still travel back to just after the American Civil War all you need is to get a copy of This Side of the River.

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