Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Elmira: Death Camp of the North

The Civil War prison camp at Elmira, New York, opened on July 6, 1864, and closed the following July. During that single year, almost 3,000 Confederate prisoners died. The prison's death rate of nearly 25 percent was the highest of any camp in the North, compared to an average death rate of just over 11 percent in all Northern camps and about 15 percent in the South. Clearly, something went wrong in Elmira. Drawing on ten years of research, this book traces the story of what happened.

On April 25th from noon to 3PM From My Shelf Books & Gifts will be hosting a duel author event with William P. Robertson and Jeffrey Stayton. William P. Robertson is the author of the Bucktail series and Jeffrey Stayton is the author of the recently published This Side of the River.

This Side of the River tells the story of a group of young, angry Confederate widows who band together at the end of the Civil War, take up arms, and march north to Ohio to burn down the home of General William Tecumsah Sherman.

It draws from the rich tradition of William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying and Charles Baxter's The Feast of Love as it interweaves themes of gender, revenge, and redemption. It's a masterfully-written debut from a bold new literary voice.

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