Thursday, November 17, 2016

Wow, A Bookstore!

"What a cute, little bookstore. My local bookstore closed." a tourist.

I hear this too often during my work day in the bookstore. How can we stop bookstores from closing? We can shop at them! This holiday season, I encourage you to shop in your local, independent bookstore, and this year I'm going to show you how to support two bookstores with the same purchase.

I own a bookstore with my wife, and I'm a writer. Writers love bookstores and several authors that are much better known than me, now own bookstores. There's a reason for it. Writers know bookstores are important to their communities.

I've been a writer since fifth grade, but I didn't become an author until I worked in a bookstore. My first book was a children's book called Hobo Finds a Home. I was always a dog person, and the picture book grew out of the story I told my nephews of how Hobo came to live with me.

Recently, I was able to bring Hobo Finds a Home back into print. It's great for children and cat lovers of all ages. This is a special edition memorializing Hobo, as he's used up all nine of his earthly lives.

The book is just $7.99, but you can save 20% off by going to the From My Shelf Books website. , or this is the part where you can support two bookstores.

If your favorite, local bookstore, doesn't currently have Hobo Finds a Home, they can order it for you. That's right, you can support From My Shelf Books and your local bookstore by walking in, and ordering this book. Just tell them Hobo sent you

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