Monday, June 12, 2017

Author Event with Jessica Eppley

From My Shelf Books & Gifts will host a free author event on Saturday July 1st from 11AM to 2PM. Authr Jessica Eppley will be signing her four book series, The Book of Siavon at From My Shelf Books 7 East Ave in Wellsboro PA.

In the first book, The Ruby Child, a shadow has fallen over the wondrous magical world of Aryth. Evil has enveloped the holy cities, and all hope rests on an ancient prophecy that only a child born with ruby eyes can fulfill.

Raised by a warrior in the outskirts of Nodens, a spirited teenage girl named Keavy trains to battle Crocotta, a deadly shape-shifter with the power to control the wild beasts terrorizing her once peaceful homeland.

With the aid of an old catfolken scientist, a clumsy wood faun, and an arrogant young blacksmith, Keavy decides to leave behind the carefree days of her youth to embark on a perilous journey - a quest to restore peace and happiness to Aryth - a destiny only she can fulfill.

Come meet and talk with Jessica Eppley and talk with the author about her writing and the publishing process, as well as get a signed, personalized copy.

For more information call From My Shelf Books & Gifts at 570-724-5793

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