Monday, March 30, 2015

Unicorn Fart Soap

Just in time for Easter, we have a new batch of Unicorn Fart Soap back in stock. Supplies are limited, because it takes a long time to gather the flatulence of these beautiful horned creatures. Everyone knows that unicorns are magical and just plain smell good. Even their farts smell of sunshine and breezy meadows.

This soap will make you smell and feel good. It's our most popular and most environmentally friendly soap*. The captured methane helps keep green house gases from escaping into the atmosphere.

This standard size bar smells just like unicorn farts--a delightful, juicy blend of luscious pear, boysenberry, ripe raspberry and blackberry with lilac & turquoise glitter. This soap is exclusively made for From My Shelf Books by Pure Hart Soaps right here in Tioga County.

*Also try our bibliophile soap for your favorite book lover, and our bacon soap that will make your dog your best friend...

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