Friday, October 28, 2016

Bookfest Author: Cheryl Edgcomb


Retired Postmaster and Stamp Camp USA Founder/ CEO, Cheryl B. Edgcomb has just completed a book of memoirs about her life experiences, which includes many of the “behind the scenes” happenings that launched a 30 year postal career and the establishment of Stamp Camp USA, a one-of-a-kind national non-profit philatelic youth education program she founded that touched the lives of thousands, both nationally and internationally.

In her book, entitled Stamped For Deliverance, author Edgcomb references her life experiences as a child and how many of those helped her develop the necessary determination her life’s work required as she followed the path God had planned for her life. From her humble beginnings as a country girl raised in the hills of Potter County, Pennsylvania, who enjoyed collecting stamps with one of her step fathers, Cheryl came to realize there were numerous defining moments God used that took her down a career path she had not anticipated, nor expected.
Growing up in a dysfunctional household after the tragic death of her biological father, Cheryl experienced the devastating family effects of alcoholism first-hand. Even though her circumstances created difficult challenges throughout, Cheryl came to understand that God had a perfect plan for her life, and as her relationship with Jesus Christ developed and grew, she came to accept that plan, helping her realize that being in God’s will truly is the best place to be.

Since God loves His creation perfectly and knows each one of His children intimately, He has ordained each of our days in a way that we will be drawn to Him as we commit our lives and our wills over to His care. We experience God’s love, forgiveness, strength, provision, and grace as we step out in faith into the plan He has for each one of us. This does not mean that things will necessarily be easy, but it does mean that as we seek Him, through prayer, fellowship, and His Word, He will be right there walking along side of us as we live out our days.

“I never expected that I would become a Postmaster, and follow that career path when I graduated from high school. Becoming a wife, mother, and postal employee brought with it many challenges, but I could always sense God’s loving presence whenever I called upon Him. Many of life’s challenges helped propel me forward as I continued along this philatelic career path, unaware at the time of the vast experiences that were awaiting me as I walked out God’s plan.

We frequently find ourselves at a crossroads where we will either be following His lead wholeheartedly, or where we may begin to question whether or not He is even aware of our circumstances or difficulties. There were so many times I had to rely upon His Holy Spirit to guide me. There was no manual to reference in the development of Stamp Camp USA, since we were the ones formulating it. I had to trust God’s leading, not only with my family situations and relationships, but also through the creation of a program that had the potential to impact many young people and their families in the course of its mission.”

In hindsight, looking back collectively over a 30 year career, author Edgcomb said it became much more evident to see where God was leading and guiding. “Preparing for the manuscript, I referenced a series of journals I had been keeping since 1988, which frequently revealed my dependence upon prayer and the power of God to intercede on our behalf, since I certainly had no idea, at times how to proceed.” It was not always clear as to what my next steps were in order to move the non-profit organization forward, or even my own life, at times, in a positive direction. I frequently had to step out in faith, not knowing the outcome, but trusting that as I followed His leading to the best of my ability, He would make all things right. He knew I truly wanted to hear from Him clearly so that I could follow His perfect plan for my life, and somehow He always managed to make me aware, especially when I would deliberately and willingly seek Him for guidance.”

In Stamped For Deliverance, author Edgcomb details some of the incredible life experiences God allowed her to be a part of, as she taught thousands of children and beginning adult philatelists, using world-wide postage stamps. “I think my story shows that God can take anyone or anything and use it to bring about what He wants accomplished in a person’s life. I never would have believed God would use tiny squares of colorful paper that reflected His awesome creation as the tool to help me reach out to others, while experiencing some life-changing moments.”
Published by Christian Book Publisher, Xulon Press in Maitland, Florida, a division of Salem Communications, Stamped For Deliverance is being released at the upcoming World Stamp Show, NY2016. This exclusive event, held in the United States once every ten years, is hosted at the Javits Convention Center in New York City from May 28th through June 4th, 2016. A premiere book signing event is scheduled for Monday, May 30, 2016 from 10 a.m. to noon at this dynamic philatelic exhibition. Author Edgcomb will be present, accompanied by her family, and looks forward to sharing her story with others.

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