Monday, October 24, 2016

BookFest author: Michael Keene

Michael Keene is the author of six books about unusual but true episodes of 19th-century New York state history. The events that bubbled out of this period include the origins of the Erie Canal, the establishment of New York's insane asylums and orphanages, incredible stories of fifteen female serial killers from upstate New York, the influence of the Spiritualist movement, the dawn of women's rights activism in America. This area saw everything from saving souls from the evils of alcohol with the Temperance preachers to continued action with prominent abolitionists.

Michael has worked for twenty-five years in the financial services industry as a financial planner. He's an author and also is the award-winning producer of "Visions: True Stories of Spiritualism, Secret Societies & Murder", available on DVD. He lives in Pittsford, New York, with his wife, Diana, and their daughter, Michele, and grandson, Joshua. His website address is

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