Thursday, October 27, 2016

BookFest author: Linda Stager

Linda’s book, The Pine Creek Rail Trail Guidebook, published in 2015, is a 206-page narrated tour of the exceptional 62-mile long rail trail that starts just north of Wellsboro and ends in Jersey Shore, PA. It follows the old Jersey Shore, Buffalo, and Pine Creek railroad bed through the Marsh Creek wetlands, the Pine Creek Gorge, and the lower Pine Creek Valley. The trail has been chosen one of the top ten trails in the country and was just highlighted as the Rails to Trails Conservancy’s Trail of the Month.

After Linda retired from social work in 2013, she started riding her bicycle in the only area she knew was flat, well-groomed, and safe. That was our local trail. As she rode, she noted the things she wanted to know about the trail and the area. Over a two year period, the guidebook was conceived and born.

In the book, Linda shows you landmarks, tells stories about the history of the region, imparts practical advice for a successful ride or walk along the trail and illustrates the book with multiple photos of the trail as it looks today as well as historical photos from old rail collections. The book is engaging and an easy read.

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