Sunday, October 23, 2016

BookFest author: Judith Sornberger

Judith Sornberger is a recently-retired professor of English and of Women's Studies at Mansfield University. She continues to be active with her own writing and publishing career, and occasionally teaches a writing workshop in the community. At this year's BookFest, Judith will be selling several of her poetry collections, including Open Heart and Walmart Orchid, as well as her most recent work, a nonfiction book entitled Accidental Pilgrim.

In Accidental Pilgrim, once "nice pagan girl," acclaimed poet and scholar, Dr. Sornberger recounts her journey through faith in this beautiful personal memoir, highlighted by a trip to Italy. As a professor of English and Women's Studies, Sornberger had long been interested in the female role in scripture, iconography, and religious literature. When she began questioning her personal choices regarding Church and religion, Sornberger was drawn to art to find some answers. Her journey through the churches and museums of Italy, gazing upon powerful images of scriptural scenes, led her to insights into the place of Mary, along with other women, in a life of faith and service. Within this carefully told narrative and full-color images of many of the works of art that inspired Sornberger, the reader will find much to influence his or her own remarkable journey of faith.

Judith is fun, approachable, and kind. While she is a dynamic speaker, presenter, and teacher, she is at the same time very down-to-earth and personable. We're sure you'll love talking with her at BookFest, and we definitely encourage you to buy at least one of her books to enjoy her work!

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