Wednesday, October 26, 2016

BookFest author: Don Darrin

Don Darrin was born in Bath, New York and grew up in the small town of Pulteney, New York. He currently lives in South Pulteney. He loves nature and spends a good amount of time in the local forests and creeks. Don’s family is very important to him. He spends as much time with them as he can. Sports also play a big part in Don’s life. He often attends local high school sporting events including basketball, tennis, and soccer.

When Don published his first book, The Enchanted Planet, in the fall of 2006, he was one of the very first author events at our newly-open bookstore, in From My Shelf's first incarnation in the basement at 87 Main St. We've both accomplished a lot since then! Don has written two more books since -- The Quest of Arrianne and Harmonyville, both published with Xlibris.

Harmonyville, Don's newest book, opens in the summer of 1986. In the rural town of Harmonyville, six adolescents battle for their town, first with an older group of kids, then with their growing nightmares. The younger Rebels’ summers had always consisted of being attacked and picked on by the older boys (the Regulators) but a strange bicyclist disguising his motives sets forth an oncoming event that the Rebels have to prepare for. Promising to make the Rebels’ nightmares end the cyclist recites a chant that the Rebels worry will actually bring their worst fears to life. Using clues from their continuing nightmares, the Rebels prepare themselves the best they can for their upcoming battle, all while dealing with the Regulators constant hostility. Will their preparations be enough to save them and their town from the nightmares that are about to become real?

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