Friday, October 28, 2016

Bookfest Author: Frank Deter

Many people agree that dogs are "Man's best friend," and when Frank Deter acquires a new hunting dog, he is excited to find the truth in this common expression. He and his family call the dog "Judy," and Frank takes his son on many unforgettable hunts with her. Frank's relationship with his son improves, and many friends and family members are astounded by Judy's impeccable performance in the fields.

Throughout the story, Frank recollects some of his most memorable hunts, including one with a preacher, a colonel, and his aging father whom Frank accompanies on his last hunt. He also amuses readers with some of the challenges he had to face with a feisty, yet lovable dog. A true story of achievement, love, and, loss, "A Dog Named Judy" will forever stay in reader's hearts as they learn the importance of close family ties, and significance of forming an eternal bond.

A Dog Named Judy by Frank Deter, Jr. is available at From My Shelf Books & Gifts. This is a true life story of an exceptional gun dog, companion and beloved family member, from the advent of her birth to her last hunt and beyond. It's a story of close family ties, achievements, love and loss and treasured experiences. Frank will be available to autograph copies of his book at Wellsboro Bookfest November 5th at the Deanne Center!

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